Application forms / online applications

Please contact our telephone service centre on 06152/9854-200 or your local benefits office if you have any questions regarding the application process.

Online applications

The online applications can be used with the common browsers Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari. It is important that JavaScript is enabled. Pop-ups are also required for third-party services, so these must be authorised.

Please note: If you are already receiving benefits from us, please submit the application for continued authorisation six to four weeks before the end of the authorisation period if possible. All you need to do is indicate any changes and enclose the relevant supporting documents.

Important information

Please note that accessing the documents will redirect you to the download centre of the Federal Employment Agency.

You will need a current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and complete the documents correctly.

Applications and notification of changes

Attachments to maintenance claims

  • Annex for maintenance claims against separated persons (UH1)
    Additional form for the application forBürgergeld
  • Annex for maintenance claimsin the event of pregnancy and care of illegitimate children (UH2)
    Additional form for the application forBürgergeld
  • Annex for maintenance claims for children under 25 (UH3)
    Additional form to the application for Bürgergeld

Further attachments

Labour certificate