Sick note

Submission of sick notes / certificates of incapacity for work

Since January 2024, employers have been obliged to electronically retrieve the incapacity for work data of their employees with statutory health insurance from the health insurance funds. Employees only have to "report sick". The obligation to present the certificate is no longer provided for by law.

This change does not apply to customers of the Groß-Gerau District Municipal Jobcenter: sick notes and certificates of incapacity for work (AUB) must still be submitted directly to the Jobcenter in 2024. If you receive Bürgergeld, you must request the certificate from your doctor, as the Jobcenter cannot retrieve electronic certificates of incapacity for work.

Participants in further training measures must also continue to submit an AUB to the Jobcenter or the measure or training provider in the event of illness. It is important to present an AUB so that you can continue to receive benefits.

You can present this information to your doctor.

You can submit your sick note digitally via the contact form on our website.