Funding opportunities

Funding opportunities

Our support options cover a broad spectrum:

  • Placement in internships to test aptitude
  • Entry qualification for young people
  • Advice on further training subsidies
  • Integration grants
    • for people aged 50 and over
    • for employees whose placement is difficult for personal reasons
    • for disabled and severely disabled people
    • for severely disabled people who are particularly affected
  • Labour cost subsidies in accordance with the Participation Opportunities Act (Section 16e/i SGB II)

Are you considering hiring an employee who is currently receiving benefits from the Groß-Gerau District Municipal Jobcenter? Would you like to assess the professional suitability and personal fit in advance of an employment contract?

An internship offers the opportunity to get to know the applicant in the performance of the planned activities.

We will be happy to advise you in advance on the general conditions of an internship and assist you with the formalities so that we can provide you as an employer with the best possible support in initiating employment. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

Entry qualification (EQ) offers you as an employer the opportunity to familiarise yourself with your trainees in practice and assess their knowledge, skills and abilities before starting an apprenticeship.

The possibility of support via an introductory qualification (EQ) exists for young people and young adults in receipt of SGB II benefits who have not yet found a training place or whose orientation towards a specific training occupation is not yet firmly established.

As part of the introductory training programme, you as an employer provide this place as part of a job subject to social insurance contributions, while the young people attend vocational school at the same time.

The introductory training programme lasts for a minimum of six and a maximum of twelve months, which can be credited towards a subsequent apprenticeship.

We will be happy to advise you on all questions relating to this topic.

As an employer, you can apply for a subsidy towards the wage if your future employee does not fulfil the relevant requirements of the job at the time of employment and therefore has a so-called "reduced performance".

An integration subsidy can be granted if your future employee is receiving benefits in accordance with SGB II from the Groß-Gerau District Municipal Jobcenter at the time of application.

Only employment relationships subject to social insurance contributions of 15 hours or more per week that are permanent, i.e. concluded for at least 12 months, are eligible for funding. The remuneration must either be subject to collective bargaining agreements or be in line with local standards and must not fall below the statutory minimum wage. In the case of subsidised employment relationships, there is an obligation to provide subsequent employment. The post-employment period is equal to the period of subsidised employment.

Please note:

An integration subsidy is a discretionary benefit which the Groß-Gerau District Municipal Jobcenter decides on independently and at its own discretion within the framework of the statutory regulations - both on the merits and with regard to the amount and duration of the subsidy.

As the application for an integration subsidy must be submitted before an employment contract is concluded or a job is taken up and requires an individual assessment (case-by-case decision), please contact us before concluding an employment contract.

We will be happy to inform you about the extended funding options.

Are you considering hiring an employee with a severe disability and would like advice on funding opportunities? We will be happy to inform you personally and on a case-by-case basis about funding opportunities from the Groß-Gerau District Municipal Jobcenter and further support in the context of setting up a workplace in accordance with the Hessian Perspective Programme for Improving the Labour Market Opportunities of Severely Disabled People.

Since 1 January 2019, two further funding options have been available under the Participation Opportunities Act, which can be used to support employers in hiring long-term unemployed benefit recipients.

The two funding models relate to different target groups.

The "Integration of the long-term unemployed" funding programme in accordance with Section 16e SGB II is used to hire people who

  • have been unemployed for at least two years
  • are not subsidised by an integration grant in accordance with Section 16 SGB II in conjunction with § 88 SGB III.

Employers who wish to hire employees from this group receive a wage subsidy for two years. This amounts to 75 per cent of the regular wage paid in the first year and 50 per cent in the second year. In addition, the former long-term unemployed can take advantage of qualification and further training measures in accordance with the general regulations throughout the entire funding period.

The "Participation in the labour market" funding in accordance with Section 16i SGB II is used to employ people who

  • are over 25 years old
  • have received unemployment benefit II (Bürgergeld since 1 January 2013) for at least six years in the last seven years and have not been employed during this time
  • are not subsidised by an integration grant in accordance with § 16 SGB II in conjunction with § 88 SGB III.

Employers who wish to hire employees from this group of people can receive a wage subsidy for up to five years. The subsidy amounts to 100 per cent in the first two years and decreases by 10 per cent annually from the third year onwards. In addition, further training costs for the former long-term unemployed can be covered up to a total of 3,000 euros over the entire funding period.