Public notifications

Public notifications

If an important letter or notice from the Jobcenter cannot be delivered to the last known registration address, public service can be ordered.

A public notice can also be published on a website. The municipal Jobcenter Kreis Groß-Gerau has therefore designated its website as the place for public service of its notices within the meaning of Section 10 VwZG.

The legal basis for this is Section 40 (1) sentence 1 SGB II, Sections 37 (3), 65 SGB X in conjunction with Section 10 of the Administrative Notification Act (VwZG). In accordance with Section 10 (2) sentence 6 VwZG, the document is deemed to have been delivered if two weeks have passed since the day on which the notification was published.

Current public notifications

Under this link you will find all current public notifications of the municipal Jobcenter Kreis Groß-Gerau.