Conciliation procedure

Conciliation procedure

Since 1 July 2023, the Citizens' Benefits Act has created a conciliation procedure in accordance with Section 15a Sozialgesetzbuch II (SGB II) for the amicable resolution of differences of opinion between the integration specialists (IFK) and beneficiaries when drawing up or updating the cooperation plan in accordance with Section 15 SGB II.

If a cooperation plan does not materialise due to differences of opinion between the integration specialist and the person entitled to benefits, arbitration proceedings can be initiated.

At the request of

  • the person entitled to benefits,
  • the responsible integration specialist, or
  • both sides

be initiated.

The aim of the conciliation procedure is to develop a joint and mutually agreed solution proposal for the organisation of the cooperation plan in a timely manner.

The conciliation procedure is moderated by an external, independent person. Both parties are heard in the process. Responsibility for finding a solution lies with the person entitled to benefits and the responsible integration specialist.

The mediation procedure begins with the invitation to the first meeting by the mediator.

There are no disadvantages for the person entitled to benefits.

Participation in the conciliation procedure is voluntary for the person entitled to benefits.

If no solution is found, the procedure will be terminated after four weeks from the start of the conciliation procedure. As a result, a cooperation plan is not concluded. In accordance with § 15 Para. 6 SGB II, requests for the necessary cooperation will be made from this point onwards with instructions on the legal consequences.

Initiate arbitration proceedings

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