Accommodation costs

Accommodation costs

The costs of accommodation are the rent, ancillary and heating costs or the running costs of a property.

Changes under the Bürgergeld Act:

Since 01.01.2023, there has been a one-off so-called waiting period with regard to housing benefits. This is 12 months. During this period, the actual costs of the home, regardless of their appropriateness, will be covered and there will be no requests to reduce inappropriate costs.

This does not apply to heating costs! These are only covered to a reasonable extent during the waiting period, i.e. from the beginning.

Even if you move house during the waiting period, unreasonable costs for the new home can only be recognised after the Jobcenter has given prior assurance that it will cover the costs.

At the end of the waiting period, the appropriateness of the housing costs will be reviewed and a cost reduction procedure may be necessary.

Accommodation costs that have already been reduced will remain reduced.

Here you will find an overview of the appropriateness of rental accommodation in the district of Groß-Gerau.

If you are planning to move, please contact us before you sign a new tenancy agreement.

The municipal Jobcenter Kreis Groß-Gerau can only cover the full costs of rent, moving and deposit if it has given its prior approval.

Please submit the completed and signed rental offer form to us for checking.

If you wish to move outside the district of Groß-Gerau, please contact the Jobcenter responsible for your new place of residence.

Please do not agree to any rent increase from your landlord or sign any amendment agreement or new rental agreement with a changed rent amount without first checking the legality of the rent increase.

Instead, please contact the Groß-Gerau District Municipal Jobcenter. We will be happy to assist you in checking the legality.

If you give the landlord your consent or signature to an unlawful rent increase, this may mean that the increased rent cannot be fully recognised and paid as a benefit by the Groß-Gerau District Municipal Jobcenter.

You will receive an annual statement of operating / ancillary costs from your landlord. You are obliged to submit this statement to the benefits department immediately upon receipt.

The Groß-Gerau District Municipal Jobcenter must check whether the monthly payments on account for your service charges are correct. Additional claims cannot be accepted without this check.

Credit balances from a service charge statement may have to be offset against current costs.

Persons under the age of 25 can only apply for benefits together with their parents.

Costs for a flat owned by under-25s can only be covered in exceptional cases.

Accommodation costs for under-25s can only be covered if the municipal Jobcenter Kreis Groß-Gerau has agreed to cover the costs before the tenancy agreement is signed.